Agency Young & Rubicam Produced by Little Moving Pictures Directed by David Terry Fine Director of Photography Devin Whetstone Set Decorator + Wardrobe by Jeanette Moncada


Hoka One One 

Agency Kayser & Co. Produced by Little Moving Pictures Stop Motion Animation by Athena Studios Directed by Joe Kayser Director of Photography Tyler McPherron Production Designer + Set Decorator Jeanette Moncada

Behind the scenes stills (below)



Produced by Little Moving Pictures Directed by Noe Chavez Director of Photography Lauren Keegan

Set Decorator Jeanette Moncada


MVMT Foundation "Revolution"

Produced by Heist Inc. Directed by Kim Jacobs Director of Photography Jamie Niebuhr

Production Design by Jeanette Moncada






Produced by Little Moving Pictures 

Director of Photography Tyler McPherron 

Set Decorator Jeanette Moncada








STRFKR "Never Ever"

 Produced by Little Moving Pictures Directed by David Terry Fine and Tyler McPherron 

Director of Photography Devin Whetstone  Set Decorator Jeanette Moncada



Agency First Person Produced by Redgate Films Directed by Ty Bardi Director of Photography David Bousquet

Set Decorator Jeanette Moncada


A1 Heating & Cooling

Director of Photography Mikul Eriksson Set Decorator Jeanette Moncada